Mr. Zia Ahmed Khan

After more than 10 years of being illegal first in USA and then Canada, I had already spent thousands of dollars in paying the professional fees of several immigration lawyers and consultants without any success. When my hope was totally vanishing then someone strongly recommended to me that I must seek the advice and retain the services of Mr. Mohammad S. Haque as he enjoyed very good professional reputation as being honest and straight forward.

I had numerous legal and factual complications that were hindering my obtaining the permanent residence status in Canada. After first meeting with Mr. Mohammad Haque, I found him true to his reputation and was happy to retain his services. My permanent residence application took about 3 years and during those 3 years I always found Mr. Mohammad Haque very friendly and ever ready to help me in every possible manner. During my personal meetings with him, he always gave me ultimate respect and made me feel very special. Whenever I left his office after the meeting, I always felt much satisfied with elevated hopes.

Now I am about to be a citizen of Canada and have been leading a very happy family life; credit for my present happiness goes to Mr. Mohammad Haque who sincerely helped me during the most difficult period of my life. Since I retained Mr. Haque’s services a few years ago, I have recommended his name to several friends and acquaintances who were facing immigration or citizenship related issues, and I will keep on recommending him to everyone.

Thanks once again Mr. Mohammad Haque.

Zia Ahmed Khan