Work Permit

Canada is a flag bearer of developed world and a leader at every frontline economic forum. In order to keep that competitive edge, the Canadian government must help the domestic employer to hire the skilled workers that are in shortage in Canada but their skills are essential for the successful operations. Getting a Work Permit is a two stage process.

At first stage, the Canadian employer must seek the validation of the job offer from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).
If the HRSDC makes a positive determination on the employer’s application, a positive Labour Market Opinion is issued to the employer and it has a validity period until which a foreign worker can validly work in Canada. At the second stage, a copy of the Labour Market Opinion is sent to the foreign worker who in turn applies for a Temporary Resident Visa (Work Permit) at the Canadian Visa office that has jurisdiction over the country of the foreign worker’s nationality, permanent residence or habitual residence.

While reviewing the Canadian employer’s request seeking a positive Labour Market Opinion to hire the foreign worker, the HRSDC looks into following factors to reach its decision:  

•    Genuineness of the job offer
•    Wages and working conditions must be as per Canadian standards.
•    Reasonable efforts were made to hire a Canadian.
•    There is a shortage of subject skills in Canada.
•    Hiring of the foreign worker will contribute in creating and retaining jobs in Canada.
•    The foreign worker will make effort to transfer skills to Canadians.
•    Employment of the foreign worker will not have repercussions on a labour dispute in Canada.

The following categories of visitors to Canada who are coming to perform or accomplish any task for a shorter and temporary period of time usually do not require a work permit:

Aviation investigators
Business visitors
Civil aviation inspectors
Clergy/Religious Ministers
Convention organizers
Crew members
Emergency service providers
Examiners and evaluators
Expert witnesses or investigators
Family members of foreign diplomats
Foreign government officials
Foreign representatives
Health-care students
Sports Officials (Judges, Referees and similar officials)
Military personnel
Film Crews
Performing artists
Public speakers   
For on-campus work by Foreign Students

Special Conditions:

If a Canadian employer wants to hire a foreign worker in the following occupations, a special criterion will apply for HRSDC validation:

Seasonal Agricultural Workers
Film and Entertainment
Information Technology
Live-in Caregivers
Pilot Project for Occupations with Lower Training Levels