Visitor Visa

Temporary Resident Visa, also called visitor visa, is required by the nationals of most of the countries except nationals of those countries that are exempted either under a reciprocal or a regional visa waiver program or under a regional or international treaty or trade agreement.
North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, United States and Mexico is a major example of the regional treaty under which the nationals of signatories don’t require a visa to enter into other signatories.

Nationals of the countries that are exempted from visa requirement can enter into Canada if they are carrying the passport of that country which they need to present to the Canada immigration officer at the Point of Entry. However, nationals of all the countries that are not part of any of the visa waiver programs as stated above require a temporary resident visa from a Canadian visa office abroad to enter as a visitor.

A prospective visitor might be intending to visit Canada for personal, business or study purposes, and the applicant might request either a single entry or a multiple entry visa. The validity span of the visa is usually determined by the visa officer. The most important factors that a Canadian visa officer looks into while reviewing a Temporary Resident Visa application are stated below:

1.    Applicant’s ties with country of nationality
2.    Applicant’s ties with Canada
3.    Reason for visiting Canada
4.    Financial strength of the applicant and/or the Canadian host
5.    Duration and indispensability of the visit 
6.    Intentions of the applicant
7.    Genuineness of the purpose of visit and any doubt creating factors
8.    Travel history of the applicant and family composition

Most of the foreign nationals who want to visit Canada for any reason have a mistaken understanding that the Canadian visa offices abroad are bound to issue the visitor visa if a Canadian citizen or resident sends them an invitation or a Canadian business invites them on the visit. Whereas, such documents from Canada may enhance the probability of a positive outcome on their visitor visa applications, primarily it is the applicant’s personal eligibility that is a decisive factor.

We have extensive experience in helping and advising foreign nationals and their Canadian relatives or business partners in obtaining temporary resident visas either as personal or business visitors. Please contact us to benefit from our expertise if you are a prospective visitor to Canada.