Study Visa

Canadian educational institutions are considered amongst best in the world, and we represent some of the prestigious post-secondary institutions. We can facilitate your admission to those institutions in the courses of your professional or occupational interest.
Get the education that is globally recognized and respected. Once a foreign student in Canada, you will enjoy numerous perks and benefits that will open the world of success and bright future.

Perks of Foreign Students in Canada:

•    You can qualify for a Three Year Post-Graduate Work Permit.
•    You may be eligible for an Off-Campus Work Permit during your studies.
•    You may work On-Campus where you study without a Work Permit.
•    For some courses work experience is part of the curriculum, you will be eligible for Work Permit if enrolled in such courses.
•    If married, your spouse and children can also apply for visa to accompany you in Canada.
•    Your spouse will be eligible for open Work Permit and free to work anywhere.
•    Your children will be eligible to attend free secondary schools in Canada.
•    At most of the prestigious institutions, tuition fee will include Health Insurance Coverage.
•    After completion of two years of post secondary studies and one year of Canadian experience, you will eligible for permanent immigration under Canadian Experience Class.

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