New Brunswick provincial Immigration Program

There are two major streams of New Brunswick’s provincial immigration program that facilitate the permanent immigration visa for skilled workers and business people if they meet the province-specific eligibility requirements. These two categories are outlined below:


This major category has been divided into two sub-categories:

1.    Skilled Worker with Family Support:

Foreign skilled workers are eligible to apply under this sub-category of provincial immigration program if they have a close relative living in New Brunswick. The eligible relatives that can apply under this facilitated permanent immigration visa include the following relatives of a resident of New Brunswick:
•    Daughter or son
•    Step-daughter or step-son
•    Sibling
•    Step-sister or step-brother
•    Sister-in-law or brother-in-law
•    Niece or nephew
•    Grandchild

The skilled applicant needs to establish either having a full-time job offer or having skills, education, training, experience, language proficiency, age, nature of support to settle and adaptability to New Brunswick. Whereas, the supporting relative in New Brunswick will be assessed on the level of commitment he/she has to settle the applicant relative in New Brunswick.

2.    Skilled Worker with Employer Support

This sub-category is employer driven and facilitates the permanent immigration visa for the foreign worker whose skills are in high demand in New Brunswick and a provincial employer has offered a full time permanent employment to such worker. Below are the essential requirements that a skilled worker has to meet in order to be eligible to apply under this sub-category of provincial immigration program:

•    Has a full-time permanent job offer from an established company in the province.
•    His skills are in the area where there is a shortage of workers in the province.
•    Job offer is in compliance with employment standards and prevalent wage rates.
•    Has the qualifications and licenses to perform the subject job.
•    Must be proficient in either of the official languages to properly perform the job duties.

The applicant must obtain a minimum of 50 score in the above selection factors in order to be successful under this provincial immigration program.


It is essential for the applicants who want to apply under the business based category of New Brunswick’s provincial immigration program that they must have an economically viable business plan or proposal that is strategically suitable and regionally compatible with the economic realities and demographics of the province.

An applicant must satisfy the following essential requirements to apply under this program:

•    Must have a business management experience either as an owner or senior executive.
•    Must prove with all the available evidence a genuine intention of establishing a business in the province and run its day to day operations.
•    Must conduct at least a five days visit of the province to assess the business environment and concerned economic factors and have an all important interview with the provincial immigration officer who must approve the business proposal.
•    Must have a verifiable net worth of more than $300,000.00.
•    Must be willing to make an investment of at least $125,000.00 in the province. 
•    Must demonstrate appropriate proficiency in any of the official languages of Canada.
•    Must make a deposit of $75,000.00 refundable upon condition of compliance of the performance agreement with the province.