Farmers Immigration Visa

Farmers Immigration Visa is a sub-classification of Self Employed Immigration Visa, and an almost similar criterion is used to assess the applicants in this category.

Farmers Immigration Visa class presents an excellent immigration opportunity to modern farmers around the globe. If you have owned and managed a substantial size of farm, and can translate that experience into owning and managing a farm in Canada then opportunities are endless and growth is unimaginable for you.

You don’t need to meet any net worth requirement but you must be financially strong enough to transfer liquid funds in Canada to buy a reasonable size of farm and meet the initial operational costs. You enjoy doing in Canada what you have been doing in your country of nationality, and your whole family will get the Farmers Immigration Visa and will enjoy the awesome privileges and amenities of Canadian life.

A foreign farmer who wants to apply for Farmers Immigration Visa must have relevant experience and intention to purchase and manage a farm and to make a significant contribution to farms related economic activities in Canada. The relevant experience as a Self Employed Farmer means a minimum of two years of farm management experience during the period beginning five years before the date of application for a Farmers Immigration Visa and ending on the day a decision is made on the application.

Though there is no net worth requirement that an applicant needs to meet in order to be eligible for Farmers Immigration Visa, yet it’s a very important consideration for the visa officer to determine the financial strength of the applicant and accessibility of the declared funds for purchasing and managing an average size agriculture farm in Canada. Compatibility of farm management experience, Accessibility of available funds, and Adaptability to Canadian farming environment are the key factors for successful processing of Farmers Immigration Visa application.

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