Permanent Immigration Visa


Canada presents an exemplary and successful model as a host country to global immigration movement. Canadian model of diversity offers an enviable socio-economic and demographic phenomenon that is unique and successful. The new immigrants from kaleidoscopically and diabolically different backgrounds have been considering Canada as their ultimate country of destination, not only because Canada offers a better opportunity to be successful, Canadian values of humanity, compassion, freedom and democracy make the new immigrants feel privileged since they start experiencing an environment of liberty which was always been an alien concept in the countries of their origin.

Skilled professionals, skilled tradesmen, farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, industrialists, executives and self-employed professionals have been seeking to obtain permanent immigration visa to Canada in order to optimize their potential and taste true freedom and civil liberties. Therefore, no wonder that immigrants make up a considerable proportion of the Canadian population and their influx is unstoppable. Over the past decades the level of immigration in Canada has substantially increased. Anyone who migrates to Canada after obtaining a permanent immigration visa, automatically becomes eligible for privileges and amenities of life that have become common-place characteristics of the Canadian society.

Rights of permanent residents:

•    A permanent immigration visa holder will receive health care coverage and other social benefits that are usually meant for Canadian citizens.
•    They can live, work and study anywhere in Canada without any condition or restriction.
•    A permanent resident can apply for Canadian citizenship after being physically present in Canada for three years in a four years’ span.
•    An immigrant will enjoy the protections under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
A permanent resident cannot have the following until he/she becomes a citizen of Canada:
•    Cannot vote or be a candidate for political office.
•    Cannot hold certain government and high-security jobs.
•    Cannot remain a permanent resident if convicted of a serious crime.

A permanent resident must live in Canada for an accumulated period of 730 days during a period of 5 years i.e. between the dates of issuance and expiry of the permanent resident card in order to retain permanent resident status in Canada. A permanent resident must have a valid permanent resident card to travel outside and re-enter Canada.

If you are a foreign national and have been dreaming to become a Canadian permanent resident, we can help you in realizing that dream based on our extensive experience and successful track record. Please contact us and avail the opportunity of our free preliminary assessment of your eligibility.