Live-in Caregivers

Considering a shortage of experienced care-givers in Canada and their services being seriously required by Canadians to provide proper care either to their elders or children or any medically handicapped loved-ones, the government of Canada has created a fast-track foreign worker program to bring foreign care-givers in Canada as foreign workers provided their job offers from Canadian employers are validated by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

Once the job offer from the Canadian employer is validated and a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) is issued to the employer, he/she will send that LMO with employment contract to the prospective caregiver abroad who will submit the application for a work visa with the Canadian Consulate General having jurisdiction either over the country of applicant’s nationality or permanent residence.
Having a valid LMO doesn’t guarantee the issuance of work visa to the applicant which can still be refused if the Canadian Visa Officer is not satisfied about the genuineness of the applicant’s intentions to work as a care-giver in Canada.

The process of obtaining Labour Market Opinion from HRSDC and Work Visa on the basis of LMO from a Canadian visa office abroad is a complicated process and requires compliance with procedural requirements and involves exercise of discretionary decision by the visa officer based on available information.
It also costs the employer and the foreign care-giver substantial expenses and precious time. Therefore, it is always wiser to consult an immigration professional who could make sure that your money and time are not wasted because of technicalities, and the decision of the visa officer is based exclusively on merits of the application.


If you are an intending employer planning to hire a care-giver from abroad or a prospective care-giver who is applying for a work visa on the basis of a valid Labour Market Opinion, please contact with us and we will make sure to optimize the chances of a positive outcome at the end of the whole process.