Humanitarian and Compassionate Immigration

This category to obtain permanent residence in Canada is available to anyone who is already in Canada without any status and doesn’t have any other basis to apply for permanent residence but have developed strong ties with Canada and would face unbearable hardships if asked to follow the regular track of applying for permanent residence from outside Canada. The applicant must establish with evidence the following:

1.    Will suffer from excessive hardships if he/she has to submit the Permanent Residence application at a visa office outside Canada as required by law.
2.    Explain the Humanitarian and Compassionate reasons that are preventing the applicant from leaving Canada.
3.    Give elaborate reasons as to why an exemption should be granted on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.
4.    Circumstances of the family and other relationship that would support Humanitarian and Compassionate reasons.
5.    Interests of the child(ren) affected if Humanitarian and Compassionate application is denied.
6.    Manners and level of establishment in Canada and nature of ties.
7.    Current and future financial resources in Canada.

The Humanitarian and Compassionate application can also be supported by an eligible sponsor who is either a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. The processing of Humanitarian and Compassionate applications involve two stages. At the first stage, an immigration officer from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada would make a determination on genuineness of the grounds and see if the level of hardships and children’s interest meets the policy standards as set by the Minister in this regard.

At this stage, if a positive determination is made by the immigration officer and the request for exemption from regular procedure of applying from outside Canada is granted then, at the second stage, the eligibility of the applicant to become a permanent resident is determined based on statutory requirements that include security background checks and medical examinations.
After a positive determination granting exemption on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds is made by the immigration officer, the applicant is eligible to obtain work permit and provincial health benefits on the basis of that approval.

Seeking permanent residence on the basis of Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds involves comprehensive ground work and a complete understanding of policy standards that are followed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Therefore, retaining the services of an experienced professional who has an excellent success rate in successfully helping numerous clients achieving their dream of becoming permanent residents of Canada on the basis of Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds is always a wise decision. Please contact us for our experienced services.