Immigration To Citizenship – Children born abroad


Anyone born outside Canada could be a Canadian citizen due to any of the following:

•    Came to Canada as a permanent resident then became Canadian citizen through naturalization.

•    One is a Canadian citizen if born outside Canada while one of the parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of birth, notwithstanding if the parent was a naturalized citizen or was a citizen by birth. 

•    Anyone born outside Canada between January 1, 1947, and April 16, 2009, to a second or subsequent generation Canadian parent can resume citizenship before 28th birthday; otherwise such person would have to first become permanent resident for at least 1 year prior to applying for resumption of citizenship.

•    Anyone who was a British subject living in Canada at the time of coming into force of Canadian Citizenship Act on 1st of January 1947 or anyone born outside Canada to a British subject parent who might have become a Canadian citizen on the 1st of January 1947 may still be eligible to resume Canadian citizenship.