Abandonment and Resumption of Canadian Citizenship


The new citizenship law came into force on April 17, 2009 and simplified the resumption of Canadian citizenship for many former Canadians.

Anyone who gave up the Canadian citizenship and took the citizenship of another country can resume his/her Canadian citizenship provided he/she first obtains permanent resident status and live in Canada for a minimum period of one year before applying for citizenship. Anyone who lost the Canadian citizenship as a minor between the period of 1st January 1947 and 14th February 1977 is not required to first become a permanent resident and can directly apply for the resumption of citizenship.

Anyone born abroad in the second generation of Canadians and was turned 28 before April 17, 2009, must take steps to retain the Canadian citizenship, otherwise, he/she would be considered to have abandoned the Canadian citizenship. On the other hand, if one was a Canadian citizen at the promulgation of the law would keep the citizenship, notwithstanding the generation he/she was born in even if they never were issued any proof of citizenship.