Help Registering Children at Schools


Most of the time foreign nationals want to immigrate to Canada, despite having stable careers or business establishments, for a better future for their children. This is a major consideration of an overwhelming majority of expatriate workers in Middle Eastern countries where foreign workers have been working for long very times and their children have born there as well but they can never get a permanent residence status neither they can be naturalized at any cost. The stated scenario puts the careers of their children in jeopardy because of complete uncertainty as to their futures. Therefore, for those new immigrants in Canada who have school or university going children, it is of utmost significance to understand the procedure to enroll at appropriate educational institutions for smooth sailing of their academic pursuits.

We at Corporate Horizon have noticed over the years of our experience that sometimes the new immigrants and their children end up making wrong choices while picking suitable educational institutions that would rightly nurture their academic and career ambitions; and such distractions at this vulnerable stage of relocation end up having substantially negative implications on the families and create an eventual chaos in the concerned lives.

At Corporate Horizon we are very much aware of our clients’ needs and we know the nature of advice they would require for an unhindered relocation and settlement in a new country that must result in the realization of dreams and achievement of goals. Hence, we will be with you all the way from applying for permanent residence until the appearance of smile of success on your face after arrival in Canada.