Assistance obtaining Driver License, Health Card and SIN number


It is extremely important for newly arrived immigrants in Canada that they should have the essential civic credentials to be fully operational and mobile. Though there is an excellent public transport network in every major city of Canada, it certainly would add a huge element of freedom of mobility if one has a driver’s license and an affordable vehicle to drive.

Issuance of driver’s license is a provincial matter and the eligibility requirements may vary from province to province. Therefore, it is essential to have a good understanding of the motor vehicle regulations pertaining to stages and eligibility for different categories of driver’s licenses.

Canada provides free health care services to citizens and permanent residents. Provision of health care is a provincial responsibility and the eligibility and level of services might vary in every province. For new immigrants, there is always a requirement of residing in the province for sometime in order to be eligible for full health care benefits. For example, in Ontario it is mandatory to be residing in the province for at least three months to qualify for health care benefits; at that stage a provincial health card with a photo is issued to the applicant.

Canadian federal and provincial governments have developed comprehensive regulatory and statutory regimes to provide sustainable social benefits to Canadians. All the Canadians are automatically enrolled in such public programs but having a valid Social Insurance Number is essential for enrollment in such programs. Newly arrived immigrants need to obtain Social Insurance Number for every family member which is issued by the Human Resources and Skills Development of Canada.

We always help our clients who arrive in Canada as permanent residents in obtaining Driver’s License, Health Card and all important Social Insurance Number, and our these services are always FREE as a thank you gesture to our clients.