Advice Before Immigration


Applying for immigration and tediously waiting for the outcome is not a segregated phenomenon, rather it requires continuous orientation to be provided by the immigration professional who is representing the applicant before the Citizenship and Immigration Canada in the processing of permanent residence application. During our substantial practice spread over the years, we have noticed that clients are completely unaware of their statutory obligations and pre-arrival preparedness which sometime might turn into a substantial problem with significant implications either at the time of landing or may contribute to after-arrival chaos in Canada; and the new immigrants certainly do not need to face the latter pandemonium in a new country and strange civic environment.

We at Corporate Horizon don’t treat our clients as foreign nationals, rather we start treating them immediately after filing their permanent residence applications as prospective immigrants and continuous orientate them about essential pre-departure preparedness and understanding of Canadian life.

If you are a skilled professional or worker, at appropriate stages of the processing of your case, we will continuously provide you information about the basic features of Canadian job market and regulatory requirements, if any, regarding your profession that you would need to meet in order to fully merge in the mainstream of your occupation or profession while in Canada. And after your arrival in Canada, we will pick the thread where we had left before your arrival in Canada and walk you to success.

If you are an entrepreneur or applicant for permanent residence in any other business based category, at appropriate stages of the processing of your case, we will continuously provide you information about the basic features of Canadian business environment and regulatory requirements; we will also provide the basic information regarding specific kinds of business ventures that might be of interest to you after arrival in Canada.

If you are a student, we will continuously provide you the essential information and advice about the education system and preparedness to be at par with course expectations in Canada. We will always be vigilant and conscious that the hard earned funds of your parents are not wasted away for any mistake or negligence on the part of anyone involved in the whole process. We will start preparing you for student visa much earlier than the actual submission of the visa application. This preparedness not only will enhance the chances of getting the student visa, it will also make you confident to face the brunt of Canadian academic standards. You don’t just want the admission offer from a Canadian educational institution; after all, what’s the use of admission offer if you don’t get a student visa from the Canadian Visa Office abroad to actually join the Canadian institution.

Though we don’t guarantee anything, we do believe that due to our professional advice and resulting preparedness, the probability of getting the study visa is significantly enhanced. In order experience our above stated gratis services, you have to contact us and retain our services. We assure you that you would feel the difference!