Immigrants Settlement Services

Readily accessible immigrants settlement services for new immigrants is of utmost important for their successful settlement in Canada. For every new immigrant, the process of coming to Canada doesn’t end at arrival in Canada; rather, their real struggle begins after the arrival when not only the principal applicant but every member of the arriving family needs to struggle extremely hard to get settled in a new society and strange environment. Faced with the dilemma of alienation, newcomers look for reliable immigrants settlement services.

If the principal applicants have to find a job or suitable business to generate the much needed sustenance, other family members have to adjust themselves in their new roles in a new society by making their own breathing space to strive and be successful. In order to achieve the ambitious goals, one has to first completely educate oneself about the dynamics of job, economic, business, social, cultural and educational environment in Canada in order to take educated initiatives and realistic decisions for a smooth sailing towards success. At Corporate Horizon, we provide all sorts of essential immigrants settlement services to newcomers and our clients never feel alienated after arrival as we start providing essential orientation to them prior to their departure from home countries.

There is always an overwhelming possibility that, either because of some bad advice or miscalculated move, new immigrants would pick a course that would bring them on the verge of disaster in an alien environment where vultures of material sensationalism would be ready to prey on them like a feast. Therefore, it is extremely important for every new immigrant to seek the advice of someone they can trust and the one who has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Canadian system. Our immigrants settlement services department excel in helping new immigrants during the transitional period of their settlement in the Canadian society.

We, at Corporate Horizon, can rightly claim with pleasure and pride that having been aware of the exposed vulnerabilities of the new immigrants during transitional period, we have been helping our newly arrived clients to achieve a facilitated and smooth settlement in Canada. Our immigrants settlement services include the following:

1)    We will receive you at the airport on arrival in Canada if required and provide maximum settlement help.
2)    We will provide you FREE orientation about Canadian business environment after your arrival.
3)    We will help you find a suitable business and remove any conditions that might be attached to your   immigration status.
4)    We will facilitate the financing of $800000 from a Canadian financial institution, if required by Investor applicants.
5)    We will provide FREE counseling regarding job finding techniques in Canada and help you find a suitable job.
6)    We will provide FREE advice and practical guidance to write an excellent C.V. for the Canadian job market.
7)    We will help you obtain Social Insurance Number, Health Card and Driving License.
8)    We will help you find a suitable place to live considering your budget and requirements.
9)    We will help enroll your children at schools and post-secondary institutions; and

Above all, our immigrants settlement services include whatever you need to make your Canadian experience look like a genuine realization of dreams. If you have any issue regarding successful settlement in Canada, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.