NAFTA Employee Relocation


NAFTA Employee Relocation is affected by the arrangement created by the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, USA and Mexico which facilitates the mobility of people and trade relations between the signatory states. Mexican citizens who are already in Canada as temporary residents may apply for a work permit under any NAFTA category. U.S. citizens admitted as temporary residents may apply in Canada under the Professional or intra-company transferee NAFTA categories only. A worker of any signatory state can temporarily relocate to perform duties for his/her principal employer in another signatory country under the NAFTA employee relocation provisions of the Agreement.

Economies of Canada and United States are particularly so indispensably intertwined that both countries are practically considered a cohesive base of unified business and manufacturing establishments. Therefore, it  is essential to keep the mobility of professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, employees and experts between these countries unhindered, and NAFTA employee relocation arrangement is currently the best available route to achieve that objective.

The facilitated regime that has been created by NAFTA has removed the major bottle-necks for the nationals of signatory countries to visit and do business in the target country. Every visa category under NAFTA has certain eligibility criterion that is essential to meet in order to benefit from the NAFTA regime.

The major advantages of TN status are:

•    The number of renewals permitted is unlimited.
•    No forms, quotas or waiting periods are required.
•    TN status is obtained in person at the Point of Entry instead of prior filing.
•    TN status is available to some people who do not qualify for H-1B status.

NAFTA employee relocation is a significant part of major collaborative arrangement under the NAFTA treaty that covers various areas of mutual economic interests. We have substantial experience in helping companies relocating their employees within the NAFTA countries and we can certainly help you in this regard as well. Please contact us to avail the benefit of our experience and allow us to serve your with utmost professional integrity.