Intra-Company Transferee


The object of Intra-Company Transferee category is to facilitate international companies to temporarily transfer to Canada their qualified employees to improve management effectiveness, expand Canadian exports, and make Canadian businesses more competitive in overseas markets. An Intra-company transferee needs a work permit based on Labour Market Opinion  in order to work with the Canadian establishment. This applies to nationals of every foreign country except United States and Mexico that have special NAFTA regime in place.

Basic qualifications

In order to be eligible to apply for a work permit as an Intra-Company Transferee, the foreign worker must:

•    Be destined to work in a parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of a multinational company in Canada.
•    Be employed at a legally compliant business of that company for at least 18-24 months.
•    Be taking a role as a Senior Executive or one that requires a Specialized Knowledge.
•    Have been employed by the overseas company in a similar capacity for at least one year during last three years.
•    Intra-company transferee will not be abusing this category just to gain entry into Canada.
•    Be coming to Canada as a temporary worker and not to fill a permanent position.
•    Comply with all immigration requirements for temporary entry.

Advising multi-jurisdictional companies on temporary relocation of their senior and indispensable executives involves specialized knowledge and experience. Our extensive experience in helping numerous companies in facilitating the temporary relocation of their important personnel to Canada as an intra-company transferee and we can certainly help your company as well. Please contact us and let us know as to how we can have the privilege of helping you.