Our Canadian Immigration Services

  • Corporate Immigration
    Corporate Horizon has been providing Canada immigration and citizenship services to various domestic and global businesses for over 10 years...
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  • Permanent Immigration Visas
    Skilled professionals, skilled individuals and self-employed professionals have been seeking to obtain permanent immigration visa to Canada...
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  • Immigration To Citizenship
    The next most important stage for an immigrant after becoming a permanent resident of Canada is to realize the coveted dream of obtaining Canadian Citizenship and be a proud blue passport holder...
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  • In-Canada Immigration
    It’s a standard statutory requirement that, unless otherwise exempted, all the Permanent Immigration Visa applications should be processed outside Canada at a Canadian Embassy...
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  • Temporary Immigration Services
    Various kinds of visas that are issued to applicants for temporary reasons are called Temporary Resident Visas and their further categorization depends upon the cause and nature of the applicant’s temporary stay in Canada...
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  • Immigrants Settlement Services
    Readily accessible immigrants settlement services for new immigrants is of utmost important for their successful settlement in Canada. For every new immigrant, the process of coming to Canada doesn’t end at arrival in Canada...
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